Abiding Free: Discipleship in Spiritual Warfare

The battle between good and evil has been raging since the devil tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden and sin was ushered into this world. And the reverberations of this moment are still being felt by all of creation. The war is real and it is necessary to understand what it is and to choose a side. It is necessary to act according to the side of your choosing; to embrace your role and all that it entails.

Abiding Free is a curriculum on spiritual warfare for Spirit-filled Christians seeking deliverance from their own spiritual affliction, as well as discipleship in recognizing the devil’s schemes so as to not be outwitted but, instead, able to stand against those schemes. The three lessons cover such topics as why we have spiritual warfare and what it is, your role in spiritual warfare, addressing the enemy as spiritual warfare, where Jesus is in the midst of spiritual warfare, and why you would be blessed by receiving inner healing and deliverance.

Once you have completed the Abiding Free class, you become eligible to receive an inner healing and deliverance session. 

It is best to complete the class and conduct the ministry session in-person, but it can also be offered using online video conferencing software, such as Zoom. The class and ministry session are offered on a donation basis and can be arranged by contacting Jennifer.

Abiding Free: Next Level

After you have completed Abiding Free and received your own inner healing and deliverance session, on-going discipleship in spiritual warfare is available through the Abiding Free: Next Level course. This 6-lesson class dives deeper into the daily application of spiritual warfare insights and tools. You will learn the connection between spiritual warfare and sanctification, including the role of spiritual fruit and spiritual gifts. You will receive practical guidance on addressing spiritual warfare however it may present in your daily life, whether going through new troubling situations, encountering potentially cursed or afflicted places and people, or wanting to continue covering yourself and your children. You won’t want to miss this deeper look into walking out your freedom and really understanding what your spiritual armor and weapons mean for you and your desire to continue Abiding Free.

You can take this course in-person or using online video conferencing software, such as Zoom. This class is offered on a donation basis. To learn more or to schedule the class, contact Jennifer.

Abiding Free: The Training

For those who want to be trained in Abiding Free, there is a 9-month program available. A minimum of two people sponsored by a church is required to set up the training program. The program begins with the initial 3 lessons from Abiding Free, available in-person or online. This is followed by an on-site, in-person, multi-day training seminar for your whole team. After the initial training seminar, each member of your team will be paired with an Abiding Free mentor to start developing your ministry skills. This mentoring is available in-person or online. To learn more about the training program, download this information sheet. To inquire about setting up training your team, contact Jennifer.