About Jennifer

Since 2003, Dr. Jennifer Miller has combined her expertise in psychology and theology to help countless individuals, couples, and families in private counseling practice, university teaching, and church-based ministry, as well as through her writing and public-speaking. She is both a teacher and a problem-solver, capable of tackling a wide range of obstacles and issues that challenge the people to whom she ministers and teaches.

Her published works include No Longer Two: A Guide to How God Created Men, Women, and Marriage, a non-fiction book designed to help individuals at any stage of relationship understand themselves and the opposite gender, as well as God’s perfect design for marriage, and Road Trippin’: A Parable of a Spiritual Journey and Hitch Hikin’: A Parable of a Spiritual Journey, fictional accounts of two different journeys through life and spiritual challenges that help the main characters find faith and a relationship with Christ.

She has also published Abiding Free: Deliverance and Discipleship in Spiritual Warfare, a participant guide for a course on spiritual warfare and deliverance available through JenniferMillerMinistries.com. Additional resources, including Bible studies, such as her overview of how to study the Bible called Feed Thyself, can also be found on her website.

Jennifer’s most important roles, however, are that of wife, mother, and Jesus-follower. She  is very happily married to her high school sweetheart, Brandon. Together, they have two sons and are currently live in Mississippi. She has a passion for all things I Love Lucy, for a good cup of tea, for classic movies, for great books, for family and friends, and most of all, Jesus.